Goteo #284: Mutual support to face complexity

🧐 More than two centuries ago, the Russian thinker Pyotr Kropotkin proposed a completely alternative view to the still established one, which prioritises competition as the main driver of evolution and society. The theorist argued that cooperation and solidarity were elementary forces in both the animal and human worlds, so that there are more chances of survival through mutual aid than individually.

📬 And why are we explaining this to you? Because despite living in a world marked by increasingly complex challenges, the theory of mutual support is still relevant today. As proof of this, in this newsletter we present three campaigns whose common goal is to build a present where collaboration and solidarity are the fundamental pillars of society. Stay and we'll tell you all about it!

Resistance Box of the CC.OO. staff at Vitrasa

🛠 We start with the campaign launched by the Trade Union Section of Comisiones Obreras to financially support the striking workers of the Vitrasa company. With three increases in ticket prices in the last three years and wages frozen, the situation is critical and they urgently need help.

✊🏼 The aim of the campaign is to provide the workers with a resistance fund to sustain the ongoing struggle and negotiate a fair agreement with the company and Vigo City Council. All the money raised will go towards maintaining decent living conditions for the affected families.

The strike is not a whim, but a response to the company's attempts to increase its profits at the expense of the workers. If you want to support the cause and enable workers to continue fighting for fair working conditions, you can do so at:

Co-operative space for the promotion of the Social and Solidarity Economy in Castelló

📢 Do you also believe that another kind of economy is possible? Do you think that intercooperation is key to achieving the eco-social transition?

🎯 If you suspect that the social and solidarity economy is a real alternative to the capitalist production model, you're in the right place to find out more about the new cooperative space they want to design in Castellón. This site aims to be a meeting place for multiple associated organisations, and its main objective is to create a place for collaborative work where resources can be shared and the possibilities of association between organisations can be explored.

👉🏼 If you would like to contribute to making a project that aspires to be a driving force for change towards a more democratic and solidarity-based economy a reality, you can check out the interesting rewards on offer at:

La Comuna, a socialist cultural centre in Zaragoza

🗣 La Comuna es un nuevo centro cultural socialista en Zaragoza. El espacio, de más de 70 metros cuadrados, servirá para realizar diversas actividades como charlas, conferencias, reuniones, y presentaciones de libros, con el objetivo de fomentar el debate.

🏠 La iniciativa es impulsada por Izquierda Diario, Pan y Rosas, Contracorriente, y la Corriente de Revolucionaria de Trabajadores y Trabajadoras (CRT), junto con independientes que se han unido para lanzar la campaña y poder financiar los arreglos y el equipamiento necesario del local.

🤗 Ayuda a crear un espacio abierto a jóvenes, mujeres, migrantes, trabajadores y disidencias, para incentivar la participación y el apoyo de la comunidad en

Last chance to sign up for the free crowdfunding course for the cultural sector!##

Creatif Academy invites collectives, organisations and individuals looking to fund their projects related to the cultural sector to attend the free crowdfunding workshop starting on April 3rd.

With the aim of extending the crowdfunding tool to organised spaces, we will provide a free online training where we will present the benefits of crowdfunding as a financial, ethical and participatory alternative for the promotion and continuity of initiatives with social commitment. Sign up here

The aim is that at the end of the session you will have the basics to start creating your own crowdfunding campaign and understand some basic concepts on how to design communication strategies for your campaigns.

In addition, we invite participating projects to present themselves and publish their campaigns on Goteo 😉 SmartIB colleagues have already signed up, what are you waiting for? We have different schedules to adapt to your needs, there's no excuse!

And you?

😙 Do you think crowdfunding is not sufficiently known in your community or organisation? Support us so we can continue to spread our knowledge to initiatives that need to get funded and give a major boost to their digital transition.

🙌 Choose the reward in our campaign #FollowUsFollowTheCurrent and you can apply for a 2-hour digital session to introduce crowdfunding in your community.

See you in the next newsletter! 😜

This is as far as we have got. We hope this newsletter has encouraged you to keep walking towards the society of all and for all that we are gradually approaching. See you next time!

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Our projects

La Comuna, un centro cultural socialista en Zaragoza La Comuna, un centro cultural socialista en Zaragoza

By: La Comuna

Citizen participation

Ayúdanos a reformar y equipar La Comuna, un nuevo centro cultural socialista en Zaragoza

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17 days Remaining

Espai cooperatiu per a l'impuls de l'Economia Social i Solidària a Castelló Espai cooperatiu per a l'impuls de l'Economia Social i Solidària a Castelló

By: Transversal Coop.V.

Creating employment

Fem possible el primer espai amb vocació comunitària per a INTERCOOPERAR i impulsar noves iniciatives econòmiques transformadores a Castelló

€ 15.100 received

14 days Remaining

Caja de Resistencia de la plantilla de CC.OO. en Vitrasa Caja de Resistencia de la plantilla de CC.OO. en Vitrasa



Ayuda a las más de 80 familias del personal de CC.OO. en Vitrasa para seguir con la lucha

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